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If you are already exploring credit card processing; you will be pleased with our rates and my experience. I offer the lowest legitimate discount rates available of any large processor (based on risk) of credit card transactions. Our equipment and software prices are flexible and designed to meet or beat any legitimate offer. In the last five years I have provided merchant accounts to your segment of the merchant market. Helping you is my "niche." I have a 100% success rate in helping people obtain merchant status! (Except for those merchants previously turned off for fraud) As long as you are honest with me; I guarantee you will not loose any fees!


Our Price Structure:

DISCOUNT RATES : EMS now offers several packages to allow you to pick the rate schedule that works best for your business.

MASTERCARD, VISA, Discover** and American Express** Merchant Accounts opened for as low as $99 if all done at the same time.
Secured Merchant Accounts available for merchants "unacceptable" to other processors because of business type or truly horrendous personal credit.
Processing Equipment or Mail Order / Telephone Order software programs available for $39 per month or $1150 cash. This is in D.O.S., Windows or Windows '95 and will verify customer addresses and create reports for you.

Monthly Specials

How to get started:

4 Step Process to get merchant status is easy to follow and schedule your timetables by.

If you are willing to invest in your business, cash in on your right to be prosperous,taking credit cards is a must So don't delay any longer. Call now!

To see if your business is compatible with EMS' merchant criteria, just fill out the Merchant Profile Analysis

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For quicker service, please call me on my private line :
Tel: (561) 616-2549


**American Express and Discover are subject to separate approval.
Check Guarantee is not available for Mail Order/Telephone Order sales

Sorry, Merchant Status through EMS is available for merchants located in the US only.

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