TMSN (Total Merchant Solutions Nationwide) can offer Merchant Accounts to all merchant types

TMSN specializes in risk management. We enjoy the mainstream types of accounts that all processors do, but we also offer merchant services to the types of businesses on almost every credit card processors' "unacceptable" lists. At TMSN we can place even the "highest risk" merchants.

Travel, Inbound Telemarketing, Seminars, Trade Shows, Used Car Dealers, Auto & Home Security Companies, Tour Operators, Advertising Agencies & Services, Detective Agencies, Health Food/Vitamin/Nutrition Products, Import/Export, Multilevel Marketing, Internet malls, Adult Web sites and interactive services, Financial or Computer Consultants, Bail Bond, Quasi Cash Establishments, Computer Sales, Cellular Phone/Beeper Services and Travel Agencies are among the most often referred businesses. ECS opens these types of merchant accounts daily.

To go one step further; TMSN offers profit sharing on accounts referred to us from outside sources when we make the equipment/software sale. Some processors have a considerable number of accounts that they pass up daily because their criteria is much stricter than ours. Passing them onto us can be quite profitable. And what about those accounts their people write that are killed at the bank. They've already done the work. Passing them onto us will probably mean getting paid for Their efforts. Occasionally, we can even get a merchant an account for someone on the terminated merchant file! With cooperation, these prospective accounts are a terrific starting point for an alliance. TMSN "pre-approves" all merchants before taking any monies.

So if you have been turned away by other processors, rejected by other banks or just know that you fall into a "high risk" category we will be glad to pre-screen you at no charge. Just link over to our online application below and fill out the form. We require an awful lot of information. As long as you are completely honest with us and not withhold any information we can help you.

We can get you an account! We can be reached at (561) 616-2549. Due to recruiting and training an aggressive sales force, our telephone hours are usually 11:00 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. When all our lines are busy, voice mail will pick up your call and you can leave us a message. We are looking forward to serving you.

email: info@totalmerchantsolutionsnationwide.com

For quicker service, please call:
Tel: (561) 616-2549

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