Check Guarantee

Check guarantee services are now available for all merchant types. Check guarantee services are great at covering bad checks and we provide one of the best check guarantee services available. Cross Check Guarantee will not only cover bad checks but options are available to create floor plans and a complete "stop-payment-proof" service as well. Just let us know what you want in a check guarantee and we will write it that way! Rates are in direct relation to risk. If you want an exact quote on your rate, just drop us an email after you complete the online application. Most of the info we need to quote your Check Guarantee rate is derived from your online application.


Debit (ATM) Service

With the use of an optional PIN Pad, Debit services are also open to swiped retail merchants. If you are dealing with the customer "face to face," you can now take their debit (ATM) card and transfer the money directly from their checking account to yours. These days just about all banks issue an ATM card with a new account. Why not use this situation to make your life simpler and your business more prosperously? Even the rates are in your favor. It will cost you about .50¢ to accept a Debit transaction and no discount rate charges apply. The customer cannot even dispute the charge because they keyed the P.I.N into your PIN Pad!


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