Cost Breakdown

We have included the Industry Standard or "Typical" charge amount associated with other companies that provide a similar service (for you to compare)

  • Application Fees: As low as $95.00 (Typically $125 to $395) MASTERCARD, VISA, Discover American Express, Debit (ATM service) and Check Guarantee Merchant Accounts all are done at the same time.
  • Secured Merchant Accounts - typically not available or with the purchase of a non-interest bearing CD in the amount 1 to 3 months total volume in advance. These are available for merchants "unacceptable" to other processors because of business type or truly horrendous personal credit. These include Travel, Adult internet, Audio text and more. Many times we open "Ultra-Hi-Risk" accounts without any of those charges. One of our processors merely delays your deposits.
  • Processing Rates: At least .03% Lower than any other processor's best offer GUARANTEED NO ONE ELSE CAN EVEN MATCH THIS!
  • Equipment Lease: We will compete with any legitimate price on new (not refurbished) Verifon or Nurit Equipment or software. Equipment may also be bought on no interest "cash plans". If personal credit is derelict, We also offer monthly rentals.
  • Monthly Statement Fee: $10 (Typically $10 to $25 per month regardless of usage)
  • Monthly Minimum Processing Charge: $25.00 and in some of our programs $0 (Typically $25.00 to $50.00)
  • Daily Batch Fee: $.23 and in some of our programs $0 (Typically .30 cents per batch)
  • Voice Authorization Fee: $.95 and in some of our programs $0 (Typically .95 cents to $2 per call)
  • Charge back fee: $25 (Typically $25 to $60 per charge back)
  • Personal Credit Requirements: Low Priority (Typically High Priority) We often open unsecured accounts that other banks will not even consider.


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