Benefits to Merchants Who Accept Purchasing Cards


  • Increased Sales. As cardholders increasingly discover the benefits of purchasing cards, they will seek suppliers who accept the card for payment of goods and services.
  • Improved Cash Flow. Unlike the present method where your company may wait up to 60 days or more for payment, funds for purchasing card transactions are sent electronically through the banking system into your business checking account within three (3) days.
  • Reduced Expenses. Again, unlike the present method, your company does not have to process and mail invoices, manage and collect receivable, or post and process checks for each customer payment.


How To Process Purchasing Cards

Total Merchant Soluitions Nationwide offers a range of processing options including: Electronic Terminal Processing, PC Batch Processing and Mail Order/Telephone Order Batch Processing. PC Products: PC Transact_It 3.0 Terminal Equipment: Verifone, Hypercom, Nurit Internet: Virtual Terminal & Shopping Cart Program

What is Level II processing?

Level II processing includes all Level I information (Merchant name, city/state/zip code, SIC and cardholder information) in addition to sales tax and a customer accounting code. If your credit card processing equipment is not programmed to prompt you to respond to the enhanced data prompts you will be billed non-qualified fees.


To get started processing Government IMPACT and Corporate Purchase Cards properly please complete the express application and a TMS representative will call you to discuss your needs.


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