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In todays marketplace, home based businesses, Trade Show Businesses and Mobile Businesses are commonplace. To accept credit cards as payment in remote locations has always been tricky at best. Mobile entrepreneurs have long been at a disadvantage in trying to conduct business in a mobile or remote locations.

The Trailblazer was the Mobile merchant. This consisted of a Motorola "Bag-Phone" with a 3 watt battery and an RJ-11 interface for the Verifone Tranz 420 (on board) in a soft briefcase. This was an analog phone and very expensive to operate. The unit itself was priced at $3000 or $89/mo for 48 months. Between the cost of the hardware and the cost of service, only the "high end" merchants used them


These days we have a number of wireless options. The Nurit 2085 units are available in CDPD, Ram and land line. CDPD and Ram are subscription services and each geographical area varies greatly in coverage, reception and service. This must be investigated before purchasing the units. The Nurit 2085+U also has a rechargeable battery Like Verifones long established Tranz 420.(running on only land lines).

We now offer a wireless interface

Now, using our wireless interface mobile professionals offering such services as installation and repair home delivery, trade show services and other mobile businesses can finalize credit card transactions as if they were in their own shops - anytime and anywhere!


  • Compatible with most popular terminals
  • Facilitates electronic swiped transactions
  • Uses phone with digital rate plan. Coupled with a home handset, it becomes the "long distance phone."
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Charges wireless phone while in use


  • Increase sales and spending levels
  • Minimize fraud and lower costs
  • Inexpensive operation
  • Eliminates the need for a phone line


Our wireless interface is a simple to use dial tone interface for use with most Motorola® StarTAC® and Timeport™ wireless phones that simulates a standard Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) wall outlet. our wireless interface provides dial tone, ring voltage, loop current, and decodes the dialed tone digits to the wireless phone. After the POS terminal that you have connect to our wireless interface dials the Host phone number our wireless interface will electronically 'press' the 'SEND' button on the wireless phone and then switches the audio paths for the desired communication purpose. Our wireless interface will electronically 'press' the 'END' button on the wireless phone when the transaction is complete.

These days, nearly everyone has a digital cell phone. Unlike CDPD or Ram, this is not a monthly bill for service that you already do not have. The only difference is using a compatible Motorola® StarTAC® and Timeport™ wireless phone.

Kydex Holsters for the Star Tac Phone

Horizontal $24 / $36 with antennae protection - or - Vertical $24 / $36 with antennae protection

$6 more for Olive Drab or Midnight Blue

Star Tac Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au

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