Retail Means:

You have the customers credit card in your hand and can swipe it through the terminal electronically. We have P.O.S. equipment available to work with or without electricity if you have a phone line available or even ceratain Mobil phones. Our portable units are available from as low as $69 per month. You can add on wireless adapters to make your business operate at the same low rates as storefront retailers. This is a terrific option for a service or Mobil business. See "Wireless Solutions" page for more on that.

Internet / Mail Order / Telephone Order (Keyed) means:

You do not have possession of the credit card when you make a sale and cannot swipe the card through the terminal electronically because you are getting the card information in writing or verbally and must manually key the information into the credit card terminal. There are safety precautions you can take to insure the least anount of exposure to credit card fraud. The AVS (Address Verification System) used worldwide will secure lower rates on your processing as well.


TMSN Aggressive Matketing Packages

Often you will find that rates are high with one processor but equipment is almost free and vice-versa. Agents can reduce their price on equipment or software to compete with each other. Our (nearly all agents), profit is hinged on this equipment or software sale. If you are willing to allow us a profit we can put a processing package together for you that will make you happy. Your method of doing business, average ticket and monthly volume may be completely different than the merchant next door to you. Monthly minimums may or may not be important to you. You need a package that will charge you according to your needs. If you are shopping for your best package, we can offer several programs to compete directly with your very best proposal! When you think you have a handsome offer, call us and go over a comparison of what we can do for you. With our company you can truly get the best deal!

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